Monday, September 14, 2015

My Father's Eyes

I ran across this early this morning, looking at computer files from two plus years ago.  I'd written this as part of a process I was going through in leaving one phase of life and moving on to the next (from teaching to the business world) and had completely forgotten it existed.  I find it equally applicable in my radically altered life today, so I thought I'd share.

My Father's Eyes

I see chaos
He sees surrender
I see pain
He sees purpose
I see my limitations
He sees my potential
I see failure
He sees His redeemed
I see my impatience
He sees my passion
I see a trainwreck
He sees a teachable heart
I see my fall
He sees my progress
I see my sinfulness
He sees the blood of His son
I see the long road ahead
He sees His steps next to mine
I see my battle, my struggle, my fight
            Against the same sins and pain
            Wondering if I can persevere
He sees a butterfly in her cocoon
            Struggling to break free
            Knowing that it is the struggle that will create patterns
            Of beauty and color on the fragile gossamer
            Wings that bear me up
I see broken

He sees His

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